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We are your Precision Machining, Fabrication and Assembly Specialists.

At QPE we are passionate about CNC Machining and supplying our customers with great service and parts On -Time. We have a great group of clients and a substantial, validated supplier base.  We welcome your challenges and feel sure that you will find QPE a competitive supplier of precision machined and fabricated parts and assemblies.

QPE specialises in precision machined parts and assemblies for customer industries including aerospace, Defence, medical, electronics, mining, and renewable energy. QPE provides quality assured production incorporating processes for CNC machining, assembly, inspection, validation, and traceability.

QPE operates a clean manufacturing facility based on lean principles. We work closely with our customers to continually look for opportunities to make them more competitive.

  • Prototype Manufacture

  • Precision Machining

  • Light Fabrication

  • Service & Repair

  • Through Life Support

  • Assembly

Precision Machining

Our suite of capabilities

The cornerstone of our business and the area that our core clients rely on us to consistently perform. QPE delivers consistent high quality CNC machining with our aim being 100% On Time delivery.

We offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services to maintain high performance equipment. From 24 hour on-site service and maintenance to extensive in-house repairs. 

QPE Assembly projects range from the assembly of small prototype units, through to assembling large, complex  projects involving electro-mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic inputs.

Through-life support is delivered through ongoing assistance with equipment operating requirements, the supply of parts and equipment, systems maintenance and upgrades, and repairs and maintenance programs. 

Our Portfolio of Machined Parts

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Aluminium Housings
Aluminium Covers
Aluminium End Plates
81mm Mortar BAD
Titanium Couplings
Surgical Instrument
Sternal Retractor
Sternal Retractor
5 axis Integrex
5 axis CNC Mill Turning
Mould and Die Components
Mining Downhole a specialty
Machined Aluminium Extrusions
4340 Exploration Mining Components
Collins 1
4140 steel Mining Component
4140 Mining Component
4140 Mining Component
4140 Mining Component
Aluminium Cover
Large Housing
Complex Electronics Base
Large Housing
Downhole Reamer

Turn your design into reality.