Your Mold and Die and

Part Production Specialists.

At Stärke Tooling, our business is all about assisting our client's access value across a range of Advanced Manufacturing services but specialising in molds and dies as well as the products produced from them.
​We have assisted a wide range of clients across diverse industry sectors including :       
  • Defence and Automotive
  • Medical and Renewable Energy                                                     
  • Food / Beverage and Mining
  • Furniture and Consumer Products
Stärke Tooling has a global client base with a particular presence in North America. We have tool design and manufacture assets in Australia, the United States and Low Cost Country ( LCC )
We have supplied and supported tooling and components internationally since 1994. Through this, we have built up a highly sought after strength in this field. We manage complex engineering programs for clients across a range of validated suppliers in a range of countries. Our policy is one of strict validation and of basing Stärke engineers in proximity to our supply partners to ensure quality and timing and to resolve any issues as promptly as possible.

//Prototype Tooling & Parts

//3D Metal & Plastic Parts

//Production Tooling

//Production and Service Parts

Precision Machining

Our suite of capabilities.


Stärke Tooling has prototype expertise across a range of disciplines. This is especially helpful if you require complex assemblies produced from multiple materials.


Our engineering team will review your prototyping requirements with respect to dimensional accuracy, aesthetics, and strength and present the best fit solution to you ensuring that you only pay for what you require.

Molds & Dies

Stärke Tooling has expertise across a wide range of Injection Moulds, Cast Metal Moulds, Cold Stamping Dies, Hot Stamping Dies, & Simulation. 


Our expertise at finding economical solutions to large tooling package challenges. 

Components & Assembly

Stärke Tooling has expertise across a wide range of Mouldings, Stampings, Castings, Machined Parts, & Assembly. 

Value Added Services

Our Program Engineers are able to add value in areas of plating, heat treatment, Anodising, Painting, and Surface Finishing.

Our Portfolio of Projects

PG March 2019 4
PG March 2019 5
2020 merecdes gle rear
Nissan-Pathfinder 2020
Hot Forming Die B Pillar
US Steering Knuckle DISAMATIC
BMW X5 and X6 Headlight
Mercedes M and R Class
Rear Plastic
KIA Hot Stamp Die Inserts
Toyota Hilux
2 Axis Solar Micro Solar Tracking
Coca Cola Freestyle Project Castings