Bringing a product to market has never been easier

An innovative approach from ideation to implementation

Everyone has great ideas, but ideas need action. Our experienced team thoroughly examine each idea, conduct market research and investigate practicality and profitability. We assist our clients in enhancing their business performance by removing barriers to entry. We partner with ambitious clients to create intelligent products for a better tomorrow.




//Launch Project

Ideas have a window of opportunity. We ensure our clients don't miss them.


We improve your product concept with real-life, proven engineering solutions to the practical problems you need to solve. We take the effort off your initial concept to its prime version: Useful, Scalable, Safe, Sellable and Profitable. 


Our team of engineers and industrial designers expedite CAD, develop prototypes, and refine testing methodologies until we achieved the ultimate performance, look and feel for the product.


We take care of materials procurement and refine production workflow to achieve cost-effective manufacturing solutions, preserving the product quality while increasing your profit margins. 


Our branding and marketing specialties give your product a voice, combining market research and a tuned-up launch campaign to kickstart your commercialisation success. 

We also assist clients to source their required components for production


How it works

Fast-forward to product launch: We undertake all stages of product development, quoting each stage beforehand for approval. 

Send your proposition for review through our website, email or call us if you prefer.

Receive the proposal within 48 hours with a detailed quote and project timeline.

We develop the initial drafts, prototypes and expedite your first production batch.

Branding and marketing are designed and tailored to ensure your product success.

Our Latest Projects

Rivet Hole Alignment Tool

The RHAT is a hand-held tool for the alignment of drills/reamers on structures requiring high dimensional tolerance and/or precise positioning of drilled features, for example, aircraft structures.

2021-05_Starke-QPEAMLparts_07 copy.png

Rapid Response Clamp

After huge success with the US Military, this product has been commercialised in various diameters and pressures for all sectors including maritime, mining, & energy.

VPG_CommercialClamp-strap_02 copy.png